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            PRODUCT OF MDGGF

            HKW1 系列智能萬能式壓斷路器適用于交流50Hz,額定電壓至690V及以下,額定電流400A-6300A的配電網絡中,用來分配電能和保護線路及電源設備免受過載, 欠電壓、短路、單相接地等故障的危害。斷路器具有智能化保護功能,選擇性保護精確,能提高供電可靠性,避免不必要的停電。同時帶有開放式通訊接口,可進行四遙,以滿足集制中心和自動化系統的要求。

            • 產品詳情
            • 主要參數
            • 原理
            • 接線圖
            • 外形尺寸、安裝尺寸




            HKW1 系列智能萬能式壓斷路器適用于交流50Hz,額定電壓至690V及以下,額定電流400A-6300A的配電網絡中,用來分配電能和保護線路及電源設備免受過載, 欠電壓、短路、單相接地等故障的危害。斷路器具有智能化保護功能,選擇性保護精確,能提高供電可靠性,避免不必要的停電。同時帶有開放式通訊接口,可進行四遙,以滿足集制中心和自動化系統的要求。該斷路器在海拔2000米時脈沖耐壓8000V(不同海拔按標準修正,最多不超過12000V)。該斷路棒、不帶智能脫扣器及傳感器可作隔離器用,標示為。__/___斷路器符合GB14048.2<<低壓開關設備和控制設備低壓斷路器>>和IEC947-2 <<低壓開關設備和控制設備斷路器>>等標準。

            Main parameters of plastic case circuit breaker:

            • HKW1智能型萬能式斷路器適用范圍1

            • HKW1智能型萬能式斷路器適用范圍2

            The working principle of intelligent universal circuit breaker:

            1. Intelligent universal circuit breaker is in three-dimensional arrangement. The left and right side plates of contact system and instantaneous overcurrent tripper are all installed on an insulating board.

            2. The upper part is equipped with arc extinguishing system. The operation mechanism can be installed in front or right side, with "split" and "close" instructions and manual disconnection buttons.

            3. The upper left part is equipped with a shunt tripper, and the back part is equipped with an undervoltage tripper connected with the half-shaft of the tripping.

            4. The speed-saturated current transformer or current-voltage converter is sleeved on the lower bus.

            5. Undervoltage delay devices, thermal relays or semiconductor trippers can be installed below.

            6. HKW 15-1000, 1600, 2500 and 4000 circuit breakers are three-dimensional layout. They are composed of chassis, side plate and cross beam. Each phase contact system is installed on the chassis and arc extinguishing chamber is installed on it.

            7. The operating mechanism is in front of the right of the circuit breaker and is connected with the contact system through the spindle.

            8. The electric operating mechanism is connected with the mechanism through a square axis and is installed at the lower part of the circuit breaker as the energy storage or direct closure of the circuit breaker. The closure of the energy storage is undertaken by the release electromagnet.

            9. Anti-jump mechanism is installed above the left panel to prevent the circuit breaker from bouncing when it is disconnected.

            10. Various over-current trippers are installed under circuit breakers according to different requirements. Under-voltage, excitation trippers and electric operation control parts are installed on the left side. Among them, under-voltage and excitation trippers are connected with amplifier through trippers to reduce the tripping force of circuit breakers.

            11 and 12 pairs of auxiliary contacts are used to connect the secondary circuit. On the panel, there are signs "1", "0" and "energy storage" indicating the working position of the circuit breaker, and buttons "1" and "0" for closing and opening.

            12. HKW 15-1000 and 1600 circuit breakers are equipped with front manual operation handles.

            13. HKW 15-2500 and 4000 are equipped with manual operation handles for maintenance (all can be removed).


            Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker


            Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker 2


            Intelligent universal circuit breaker 3


            Intelligent universal circuit breaker 4

            Shape size and installation dimension of intelligent universal circuit breaker:

            • HKW1智能型萬能式斷路器適用范圍3

            • HKW1智能型萬能式斷路器外形及安裝尺寸圖

            • HKW1智能型萬能式斷路器外形及安裝尺寸圖2

            • HKW1智能型萬能式斷路器外形及安裝尺寸圖3

            • HKW1智能型萬能式斷路器外形及安裝尺寸圖4

            • HKW1智能型萬能式斷路器外形及安裝尺寸圖5

            • HKW1智能型萬能式斷路器外形及安裝尺寸圖6

            熱點資訊: 塑殼斷路器系列 塑殼斷路器的選用及安裝 塑殼斷路器發展 塑殼斷路器選型